Connecting with your customers through good content pays off

According to a Content Marketing Institute study conducted in 2013, approximately 86% of business to consumer (B2C) companies planned on increasing their spending on seo content marketing throughout the year. This number has undoubtedly grown as Google and other search engine algorithms have evolved throughout 2014 and continue to shy away from link building as a dominant SEO strategy.

girlConnecting with your customers through good content pays off big not only in better search engine visibility, but also by increasing your company’s brand trust and opening new doors on the web through which new customers and leads can enter your site. A well-written or produced piece of content that ranks well for a keyword or two can be extremely effective in terms of return on investment too. You might pay a freelance writer $50 to write a blog post and land several new clients who found your post, read it, and made a buying decision based on your demonstrated expertise.

The big trick for business owners is developing a content marketing strategy that works for their company. It has to be cost effective, scalable, and yield results. Otherwise, why bother with blog posts, YouTube videos, or landing pages? The key is planning your content marketing strategy early and setting out with a plan. Spending the time it takes up front to think everything through will save you headaches, lost productivity, and improve your competitive edge by getting it right early and stumbling through the errors less. Whether you’re a small e-commerce company, dental practice, or large local retailer, here are four easy steps to build a content marketing strategy that works for your company:

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