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How to Start and Develop a Website in 5 Easy Steps by Moses SEO a Web Site Design Company

Starting a website is an exciting proposition when you want to make money on-line. The Internet gives you dozens of opportunities, and you can leverage your expertise to get ahead of your competition and stand out among the crowd. Where do you start? There are thousands of articles on-line that tell you what to do and what not to do, but here are the basic five steps you need to create a website and start doing business on line.


Choose a Domain Name:
Your domain name is your brand. There used to be a trick that many domain owners used to quickly rank based on search terms. Domain names with specific search term names were called exact-match domains (EMDs). This trick doesn't work as well anymore, so consider a creative brand name that is specific to your product or service.

You can use a unique name that relates to your product, or come up with a creative way to combine a product name with your real name. Creative, unique names are easy for customers to remember, so they can type your domain name into a browser window without the need to even search for it. This type of customer is who you should aim for.

Choose a Host:
There are hundreds of hosts to choose from. Most hosts have shared hosting environments where you only pay a few dollars a month for your web site's hosting plan. Free hosts usually make you put your site on a sub-domain or display ads, so avoid free hosting.

The best host for your site is one that is located in the same country, one that gives you 24 hour support every day of the week, and one that has easy access to a control panel, so you can easily upload and change your site's content.

Build Your Site:
Building your site takes the most time. You have so many options, per-packaged applications and developers that offer you design and programming. Pre-packaged software such as WordPress or Joomla are inexpensive options, but you are limited on what you can do using plugins. If you don't know how to edit themes and code, these free applications might be too confusing.

Your other option is to hire a developer to build you a unique design and dynamic layout. What you need is dependent on what you want to do, but most developers can code any number of templates, shopping carts, themes and administrative consoles. Moses is a Web Design Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating code that is search engine friendly. You dot need to get technical with SEO.

You should create great titles and meta description tags for your site. Title and meta tags are programmed by your site coder. In addition to these code properties, you want to create great content that compels users to link to you. You should create elements in your site that attract readers and get them to come back to your site again. Repeat readers and customers turn into sales and revenue.

Advertise and Marketing:
SEO isn't enough to create a successful site anymore. You also need to drum up business using advertising and marketing.  The marketing tactics you use depend on your product and services. Cost-per-click (CPC) ads are one of the most common ways to market, but these are expensive. You can spend $50 for a click if you're in a competitive market. Banner ads are another option. You pay a monthly fee to show a banner on someone's site.

 You can also advertise using social media as a major platform. Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook are the most popular platforms. You can also use Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube are popular media outlets. Don't just use what everyone else is using. Instead, try to come up with something creative and unique to advertise your new website business.

Creating a new website is a fun venture, and it can prove to be a solid way to make a living. Always focus on your customers and come up with a unique customer service experience and product solution to stand out. Avoid any gimmicks that tell you that you can make millions in only a few months. A good, strong website business requires hard work and patience. Get a good Web Site Design company to help.

Step 1

  • Chose a Domain Name

Step 2

  • Choose a Host

Step 3

  • Build Your Site

Step 4

  • Do the SEO

Step 5

  • Advertise and Marketing

Step 6

  • Communicate-  Make Money
  • Good Graphics on your Web Site is very important.

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  • Make sure you web site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

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