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Six Ways to Drive Twitter Engagement

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Six Ways to Drive Twitter SEO Engagement

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Six Ways to Drive Twitter Engagement

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Over the last few years, social media has become one of the most important things for businesses of all sizes to embrace.  Twitter has been at the forefront of the social media revolution.  Users of the micro-blogging platform have just 140 characters to share their message and it is important to make those characters count.  The following six steps will have your business on its way to social media domination!

Have an Attractive Profile:
Twitter has changed its interface a bit lately, allowing graphic-savvy users to express themselves through their profile page.  The header image is visible both on mobile and desktop platforms, so don't use a boring stock image.  Hire a graphic designer, or put your own skills to work.  For your profile photo, you can go one of two routes -- your brand's logo or a photo of yourself.  This is largely dependent on your niche and the size of your business. 

Tweet Often:
Regular use of Twitter drives more frequent engagement with your followers.  Marketing and social media experts agree that it is best to send out a few messages an hour, though this can vary from industry to industry.  An entire industry of research has evolved to learn the best time to tweet based on certain demographics.  It wouldn't make much sense for a blog that shares stock trading tips to tweet when the markets are closed.

It's Not All About You:
Twitter is an amazing medium to share your own content.  Companies that make their Twitter feed overly self-promotional struggle in growing their brand via the medium.  Share content created by others that might interest your audience.  In fact, the best social media managers tweet less than 50% of the time about their own companies and offers.  Share content that your audience will find interesting and relevant to your products or services.     

It's Called Social Media for a Reason:
If you want your audience to engage with your Twitter feed, you should engage with theirs.  There are plenty of tools available to notify you when a follower is talking about a certain subject.  This is a great opportunity to start a conversation with someone via Twitter.  You might not make a sale right away, but you'll certainly have a follower that remembers who you are.

Content, Content, and more Content!
Like all things on the web, great content drives engagement.  Focus less on trying to sell things to your Twitter followers and more on trying to help them with a problem that they may have.  A good place to start is by typing a question into Google.  You'll get a quick look at the the types of things that people are asking.  As an expert in your field, you'll be able to craft content that will answer these questions.

Tweet Outside of the Box:
Not everything on your Twitter feed has to focus on your business, or even your market.  If you run a local business for example, start talking about local sports.  Talk about an awesome local restaurant that you tried out.  Become a visible part of your community.  Think of your Twitter account as a human face to your business. 

By employing the strategies discussed, your marketing messages are sure to see more engagement, you'll earn more followers, and ultimately, you'll make more sales.  You'll also have fun while doing so!

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