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Time to Go Social: The Value of Social Media:  

It was not too long ago that social media was viewed as somewhat of a novelty by businesses and marketing experts. They knew that it had potential, but they did not believe that it could be beneficial for every business. When discussing social media marketing with their clients, marketing consultants would often seek to determine if social media was a good fit for that particular company. The perspective has completely changed now. Instead of trying to determine if social media is a good fit for their clients, marketing experts are determining how social media marketing will best benefit each client.

Time to Go Social:  For business owners and marketing director who have been straddling the fence, wondering whether social media is right for them, the answer is yes. It is time to go social. With the way that the internet is rapidly expanding and the massive leverage that social media provides it is imperative that all businesses find a way to leverage their marketing and branding efforts through social media. There are numerous benefits to using social media to improve reach and exposure. 

Social Media is Excellent for Attracting New Customers:  No matter where a company is currently at in their particular market, they can benefit from a well-planned and strategically structured social media campaign. One of the primary mistakes being made by a number of businesses is attempting to apply outdated strategies and techniques to a market that has totally evolved in response to technology and social media. 

There used to be a time in which businesses that operated out of brick and mortar storefronts did not need to have a social media presence; however, times have changed, and as more and more consumers take to the web to gain information on businesses it is becoming increasingly more vital for businesses to establish a web presence. Furthermore, the web presence must extend beyond the managing of a static web page. The name of the game in today's market is customer engagement, and one of the most effective ways to engage customers is through social media.

Connecting with the Customer on Familiar Ground: One element of social media marketing that makes it so effective is the fact that companies are able to engage their customer base on familiar territory. In other words, customers spend a great deal of time on social media on a daily basis, and they are extremely familiar with how each platform that they use functions. This means that it is easy to predict how they will respond to certain content. They will not have to coax users into sharing content that they find helpful or interesting, because it is naturally engraved into their psyche.

More and more businesses are beginning to recognize the immense value associated with social media marketing. According to a study conducted by Constant Contact, 73 percent of organizations and small businesses have already begun using social media marketing. Additionally, 62 percent of those who are not yet using social media marketing say that they will implement a strategy within the next 12 months.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing Powered by Technology: Businesses have been using word-of-mouth as a means of creating brand awareness and gaining exposure for years; however, as time has progressed an opportunity to generate greater leverage through the word-of-mouth concept has presented itself. Social media has completely transformed the manner in which people connect, share and discover information. Everything is done at the speed of light. The "Like" and "Share" buttons have viral power, therefore, it is paramount that businesses exploit the advantages presented through the leverage that social media provides.

With the advancement of technology, people are able to access and share news and current events at a rate that makes the conventional news outlets nearly obsolete. It is this same technology that makes social media so powerful.

Social media campaigns allow companies to build significant relationships that lead to long-term customer loyalty. These campaigns allow businesses to capture valuable customer intelligence that can be used to help determine the best methods of reaching the target audience in general.

A survey conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey Consumer Pulse revealed that more than 75 percent of people are likely to share online content that they find interesting and helpful. Additionally, 49 percent of those who share on line content do so regularly.

Success Requires Specificity:  In order to improve the probability of success, businesses need to make sure they have a lucid understanding of what they are attempting to accomplish through their social media campaign. One of the most common mistakes made by businesses is entering into a campaign with no clear goals. Taking this approach will lead to uncertain results. Each company will have different goals and expectations of their campaigns. When specific, measurable goals are set, it sets the foundation for success.

Some businesses will want to expand their reach and brand and social network service awareness while others will want to increase their conversion rate. The key is to know going in what the primary goal is to make sure that the necessary steps are being taken to reach those goals. 

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