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Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses many techniques to increase a Web site's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). These techniques change and it can be difficult to stay informed. Lets our team of experts handle it for you and rest easy your company is in good hands..

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Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Optimization  

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Search engines are where most people start when they are looking for something on-line whether it is to be entertained, educated or to find an on-line shop. Since most website traffic typically comes from the search engines, it shouldn't be difficult to see why it is important to pay attention to how your website is performing in Google's eyes. People carry out search engine optimization in order to increase their web-site's visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why Is SEO Necessary?
The search engines tirelessly crawl the Internet to index and rank content across the many millions of websites on air. However, these search engine crawlers don't work in quite the same way as people do, so it is necessary to take some additional steps to ensure that they can properly navigate your website and index your content appropriately.

How Long Does It Take for SEO to Become Effective?
Although one of the most frequently asked questions about SEO, this one cannot really be answered simply, since success depends on a vast number of different factors. However, it is important to stress that SEO will not bring traffic to your website overnight, although a solid strategy should see a steady increase in traffic over a period of months or even weeks in some cases.

Is It Necessary to Continue to SEO Once High Rankings Are Achieved?
For the most part, SEO is permanent. Optimizing your website is generally not something you have to do on a regular basis, although you will want to keep SEO in mind when publishing new content as well as when sharing links and building up your back link portfolio. However, one of the greatest advantages is, that for most part, SEO is a long-term solution, provided it is carried out properly.

Is SEO the Same as Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
Search engine marketing incorporates all forms of on-line marketing which use the search engines, such as pay-per-click sponsored advertising in Google or getting a local business listed in Google Places and other local search tools. SEO is just one part of the greater picture, although it is one of the most important for the average business.  

What Is Black Hat SEO?
SEO is often abused by unscrupulous marketers hoping for quick results in return for little effort. Black hat SEO tactics typically refer to those which are forbidden by Google's Webmaster Guidelines, and deploying them can get your website delisted entirely. You may also encounter the expressions 'grey hat' or 'white hat'. Grey hat SEO refers to methods which are dubious in their effectiveness, while white hat SEO refers to tried and tested, ethical methods.

What Are the Most Important SEO Practices?  SEO is part of an extensive marketing process which involves optimizing your website, your content and your other on-line marketing channels. Following are some of the core practices for SEO:

  .   Integrating keywords into your content and HTML meta tags.

.   Optimizing website design, ensuring that all content is crawlable.

.   Having an XML sitemap to help aid navigation for search engine crawlers.

.   Building up backlinks from quality and relevant websites to your own.

.   Having your content shared and promoted on social media networks.

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