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Increase your traffic with these Organic SEO Agency Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques used to increase a Web site's ranking in search engine results pages.

Ten Important Organic SEO Tips to Get Higher Search Results


How to improve your site's ranking in the search results.  Great Content is the most important.

Ten Simple On-Page SEO Tips to Improve Your Site's Ranking

On-page optimization is the only aspect of SEO completely in your hands. You are in charge of all modifications on your site that can positively affect its ranking. So, why not do it? This article will give you ten important on-page factors that can bring about a major change in your site's ranking in Google.

1. The Site's Titles
The title of a page is the first thing a potential visitor sees on search results as well as social media. So, go ahead, look at your page titles, and ensure that they contain the keyword you are targeting on the page. Both the main title tag and the heading tags (H1, H2, etc.,) can be tweaked as necessary.

2. Use Heading Tags
Heading tags are crucial for your content. Also, the heading tags have a hierarchy of importance. For instance, H1 should be used only for the main title of a page, and it should not be repeated for every single title. H2, H3, etc., should be used for subtitles as necessary. If you have keyword stuffing on any of these heading tags, your ranking can get affected.

3. Image Alt Tags
If you are using images on your articles, make sure that they all have proper alt tags defined. Image alt tags are used to display a piece of text in the event the image cannot be displayed. This tag also gives some information about the image, so the image can be ranked on image searches.

4. URL Keywords
Most of the blogging platforms these days allow you to create your own post URL. Take advantage of this feature and add the main keyword of a post to the URL of the post. Do use only the main keywords and do away with unnecessary prepositions. Also, keep away from keyword stuffing.

5. Meta Tags
Meta tags such as the description tag can provide a search engine with valuable information about a page. Make sure that you craft good meta descriptions that provide a user with correct information about the page. Also, identify the right keywords and put them in the meta description, so that the search engine understands what the page is about. Additional tags such as the open graph and Micro data tags also can be added to the site.

6. Use Robots.txt Wisely
Your website is bound to have unnecessary pages, such as empty author profile pages, printable versions of blog posts (which can create content duplication), and tag pages. They can be safely de-indexed from search engines by using Robots.txt and Robots meta tags. Make use of them wisely.

7.  Create a Sitemap
A sitemap is essential for any website. Blogging platforms such as WordPress have plugins you can use to create a sitemap. Also, you can use online tools such as to create a sitemap for your website. Make sure you have a sitemap so that search engines can identify fresh content from your website and index it.

8. Link Internally
Links are important not only when they are from other sites but also when they are within your site. Internal links are the links you create on a page that point to other pages within your site. These links can increase the importance of your own internal pages.

 9. Engage With Multimedia Content
 Videos, images, and interactive content are also important for search ranking. Search engines are all about user experience of a web page. If a web page provides good user experience with relevant multimedia content, a search engine values it high. It's in your hands to make your web page richer by including all sorts of multimedia and interactive content.

10. Link Out to Relevant Resources
Linking out as well as being linked can be helpful for SEO. Why is this so? When you link out to a relevant resource that provides additional details or interesting information on the topic at hand, Google will value your page high. If the resource you are linking to is of high quality and authority, and your page already has unique, fresh content, then a search engine gives your page additional value based on the fact that you want to provide additional information to visitors by linking out to good resources. It can be a point in your favor.

SEO can be hard for a new website. However, when it comes to on-page SEO factors, Moses SEO is here to help guide you to success. You are completely in control of your website. Make sure that you do your part right for the search engines. These are great organic SEO tips.

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