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Online Marketing: Iowa Website Design and Usability :
Your goal as an online marketer is for the traffic delivered by SEO techniques to stay at your website instead of bouncing away. Average bounce rates range from 30 to 60 percent, depending on the industry. In other words, many visitors leave your website without navigating to another page. Bouncers seldom return, so let's consider some strategies to decrease your bounce rate and improve the user experience.

First Impressions: First impressions count, so manage them! That means taking steps to make the site credible, trustworthy, professional and welcoming. Visitors should immediately feel that your company is stable and offers what they are looking for. Don't underestimate the importance of design to make a good first impression - it trumps items such as privacy policies or certifications. Use colors properly to emphasize select elements, and avoid a chaotic clash of colors that distracts viewers. Also avoid unnecessary bells and whistles - gadgets, animations and media that do not support content and information. Flash and animation can grab attention, but can also be distracting and bothersome, so use sparingly.

Page Design:
When designing a web page, start with a grid and layout elements in a clear and organized way. Use white space generously to avoid clutter. Pay attention to typography, making sure your content is legible and easy to scan. Select font families and colors that encourage visitors to read through your material. Include section headers, short paragraphs and bullet lists to facilitate viewing.

An important consideration for effective website design is maintaining consistency among elements from page to page. These elements include layout, placement, size and color. Each page should feature a consistent navigation scheme that's easy to comprehend. The most important success factor for a website is the ability to find information easily. So keep the navigation structure simple, and include navigation in your page footers. Consider using breadcrumbs on every page to make visitors aware of their navigation trail. Include a search box, intra-site links, and no more than three levels of navigation.

Effective Imagery:
Use images wisely - they should add impact, which is best done with original images rather than stock photos. Use images that pack a wallop and have some subconscious message. Finally, ensure content and images can be viewed with any of the major browsers and popular devices. This includes mobile phones and tablets.

Content Strategy:
Content has always been a very important component of inbound marketing, and now more so with Google's policy to reward fresh, relevant content. Without good content, it is hard to drive visitors to your website or convert them into leads.

 First, you have to decide on your messaging strategy. Here are four questions to ask yourself about you website's content:

1)    Do visitors immediately understand what the website is about?
2)    Will visitors know which page they are on and why?
3)    Can visitors easily navigate to the next page?
4)    Is there some value proposition to cause visitors to interact with your site rather than someone else's?

Tips for Success:
An affirmative answer to all four questions will translate into more traffic, more leads, and a lower bounce rate. Here are a few tips for making sure your message gets out:

Use headlines and subheads to outline your most important ideas on each page. Avoid clichés, doublespeak and corporate lingo. 

Offer a powerful value proposition. That means either giving away something of value of offering it at an incredibly attractive price. Anything from downloads to fee offers can be used.

Include clear calls-to-action, which direct visitors on what to do next to benefit from the value proposition. Put links into the body content that direct readers to registration dialogs, data intake forms, exclusive offers, etc.

Perform A/B testing on your copy and headlines in order to see which alternative yields better results. There are online tools from Google and others that help determine which variation drives more conversions.

Go beyond simple product content. Offer eBooks, videos, whitepapers and other types of educational content. This attracts visitors who may not know yet that they want to buy from you - they are on the outer tip of the marketing funnel. Suck them into the funnel with free, valuable content.

When delivering a sales pitch, use a writing style that mimics colloquial one-on-one conversation. Pronouns like "you" and "we" are preferred over "one" or "they". Never talk down to your audience.

Your content should help visitors solve their problems. Don't go around bragging about how you are the best - instead make a point of explaining how your content helps v


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Examining the Modern Shopper

  • Whereas consumers used to rely on the phone directory to find a local business or service contractor, today's modern customer is much more likely to perform a simple search engine query. In mere seconds, consumers can access reviews, detailed information about tariffs and service guarantees, and make contact with businesses in their local area. By neglecting to build an online presence, small businesses lose out on every one of these sales leads. Even worse, those customers are directed to other competitors in the marketplace who have chosen to invest in an online presence.

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Fostering a Relationship with Clients

  • From independent workers, like accountants and plumbers, to established small businesses with multiple employees, it is essential for business owners to focus on creating a stable, reliable relationship with their clients. A professional website is perhaps the single easiest tool for staying on a customer's radar. Many businesses use their sites to publicize new products and services, create promotions, and generate interest in their company. Best of all, sharing this information over the web eliminates the need for expensive advertising campaigns to get the word out.

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Reaching Out to Customers

  • Small businesses often rely on word-of-mouth testimonials to develop a client base. While this is a proven method for reeling in new customers, referrals from existing clients take time to materialize. Savvy business owners understand the importance of seeking out new customers in a myriad of different ways. A well-designed website serves as an additional tool for reaching out to the local community, and many businesses find their sales increase exponentially after creating an online destination. Coupled with more traditional marketing techniques, a personalized website can easily send revenues through the roof.

Creation of a Site

  • Creating a website is only one small factor in the modern business equation, but it is essential not to overlook its relevance. By investing in a professional website, modern business owners can help ensure the longevity of their company by building a larger client base and maintaining relationships with existing customers. Not only does this process help business owners to stay afloat in a competitive market, but it can even translate into growth opportunities down the road.

Importance Investment

  • Investing Online: Exploring the Importance of a Professional Website

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