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Connect Online with Your Customers’ Needs  

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Marketing online is important today for any business.  The possibilities to do so range from the simple to the complex.  A business can easily add its name, address and telephone number to free online directories.  Most online shoppers, however, want to see more than that.  Often they’re looking online to have questions answered, saving them from making telephone calls or in-person visits.  They want to avoid having to talk to a person.  So just what do would-be customers want to see online and how can you fulfill that need?


Connect Online with Your Customers’ Needs:
In most cases, shoppers want to know whether or not your business has the solution to their problem.  A website is generally the most cost-efficient and effective marketing tool you can use to connect with customers and propose solutions to them.  A website is a must, so either create a simple one yourself or hire a professional to create one for you. 

Bear in mind, when planning out your website, customers generally want to know less about you and more about what you can do for them.  The best-case scenario is to have a well-developed website that is easily found through various search engines and that plainly communicates a solution to a customer’s problem.   

A Detailed Example:
In order to think through your marketing plan on a deeper level, walk through a few realistic life scenarios and take notes. 

Take, for instance, a scenario where a person’s refrigerator water dispenser has broken.  Say you are the owner of an appliance sales and repair business.  To you the problem seems easily solvable.  The customer merely needs to pick up the telephone and book a service call. 

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a moment, though.  From his standpoint the process begins with trying to decide who to call.  With a unique problem like this, chances are a customer is starting from scratch when looking for help.  If all that shows up on a web search is names and addresses of businesses that sell or service appliances, the customer may feel no further ahead.

For the customer, finding the right way to solve the problem can be time-consuming.  If the customer is in the habit of enjoying water from his refrigerator daily, frustration over the broken water dispenser may mount until finding a solution becomes urgent. 

If the customer has already crossed paths with your business through street advertising (perhaps he has driven past your store), a sales flyer he’s received in the mail, a reference from a friend, an online article he’s read, a website he’s noticed, or preferably a combination of many marketing sources, your business may be the first he turns to.

Now say the customer decides he’d rather trade the faulty refrigerator in for a newer more expensive model than go through a repair process.  He gets the idea that there must be an appliance store somewhere in town that does trade-ins.  The web search to solve his problem now becomes narrower as he’d sets out to find a store that does trade-ins not just sales or repairs.  Again, unless this business is easy to find, the process is stalled.

Assume your appliance business does trade-ins, especially because you have a steady stream of customers looking for lower-priced used appliances.  You are the business the customer needs to find.  How would he find you?  How would he make the connection that you have both the new refrigerator of his dreams and you will pick up his old refrigerator and give him a rebate for it?  How would you most efficiently connect this customer’s problem with your solution and make money doing so?  What would make this customer call you over the competition?

Secrets of Marketing Well:
Marketing means connecting with would-be customers in ways that are relevant to them.  Being online is relevant, but you’ll be more assured of getting a hit, email, phone call, visit and sale if you are able to give would-be customers that little bit of extra information.  You need to find ways of letting a customer know that you are the hero he’s looking for. 

Building a website that details what you sell or service is important.  Deciding on what content to include is key.  It will be important to have the kind of information that will be picked up by search engines so that your business will be in the top few search engine results.  Your content should pull in the right customers.

Here are a few ways to make decisions about what to include in your website:

  1. Think through a number of scenarios your ideal customers may have that would lead them to your products or services.
  2. Ask current customers what led them to you.  Was it a certain piece of advertising?  Was it an online connection they made, a referral from a friend, or a random choice?
  3. Listen to shoppers and really hear their stories in detail so that you will have valuable information about how they go about solving their problems. 
  4. Make a list of all the possible products or services you have to offer and think about how you could present them without confusing a customer with too many options.
  5. Identify barriers that might confuse a would-be customer, and break through them.
  6. If you already have a website running, look at the analytics.  What have web surfers typed into their search bars that resulted in them arriving at your website?

Use Data Intelligently

Use the information gathered in the exercise above to identify a variety of touch points.  Where do the needs of customers intersect with your solutions? 

This gathered information can then be used in the following ways:

 ·             Use it to choose keywords for your website content. 

·              Use it when creating your social media profiles.

·              Use it for creating online directory short descriptions.

·              Use it as a springboard for social media conversations.

·              Use it for article topics.

Your website will become the frame of reference or home base all your other marketing tools point to.  Always include your website URL in printed material and in your other online spaces.

When creating your online marketing plan, get your business name, address, email and telephone number online, and then go a step further.  Set yourself apart from the competition by building a useful website and adding content derived from the exercise above. 

Give your customers the answers they’re looking for online and they’ll find you.

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