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4 Ways to Market Your Business With Instagram

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4 Ways to Market Your Business With Instagram

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Although most businesses are aware of the value of social media, few of them use Instagram to its full potential. Small businesses in particular seem to overlook this valuable outlet, which is a shame as Instagram is a medium that begs for a level of authenticity that larger companies often struggle to provide. Here is a look at how your business can use Instagram to its full potential.

Show Off the Goods:
Since Instagram is a social network that only allows the posting of images and videos, its most obvious application for a business is for it to show off its goods and services. If you own a store, take appealing pictures of products that will make viewers say "I want it!" If you perform a service, let viewers see the end result of your work. Be sure to include a caption that tells the viewer everything that they might want to know about the image.

Look Behind the Scenes:
Window shopping is an important aspect of Instagram marketing, but people can do that at your physical location. However, they might not get the chance to see the inner workings of your company. Using Instagram to show your viewers what goes on behind the scenes is one way to keep them interested in your posts. If there is a part of your process that is visually engaging, post it. If there's something interesting about your company that customers might not realize, share it. These kinds of posts help build a personal connection that is important for creating long-term customers.

Hashtags are more powerful on Instagram than on perhaps any other form of social media. There are two main ways that you can use hashtags to your advantage. The first is to use hashtags for categories that are related to your business. For instance, if you own a book store, you might post an image of a new book that uses a hashtag for its title and another for its author. You should also use hashtags that are specific to your business. If your business has a distinct name, use that. If it does not, come up with a unique hashtag that incorporates the name. Use this hashtag on every post. Although hashtags are useful, you should not use too many of them on a single post as some viewers might see your content as spam.

Instagram promotions are a great way to reach new customers and get existing customers to spend more. Offer exclusive coupons or discounts for followers of your account. Create a unique hashtag for your promotion and encourage your readers to post relevant content using it. A contest that involves a hashtag will encourage many people to participate and organically spread the word about your company.

Considering how easy it is to use, it is surprising how few small businesses are taking advantage of Instagram. If your company creates and properly maintains an account on this social network, you will reap great benefits almost immediately. 

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