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Social Media for Business: 9 Reasons Nobody Likes Your Facebook Page

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9 Reasons Nobody Likes Your Facebook Page- SEO Search Engine Optimization

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Social Media for Business: 9 Reasons Nobody Likes Your Facebook Page

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Many businesses now realize that Facebook is a useful addition to their marketing toolkit. With billions of registered users, Facebook offers the potential to reach out to more customers than most other channels, but a lot of brands still don't understand how to make the most of the social network. Maximize the return on your investment by checking for the following common mistakes that other businesses are making with their Facebook pages.

You post nothing but product adverts:
Facebook doesn't work like a conventional advertising tool, and you're in for a disappointment if you treat it that way. People who like your Facebook page already know about your products and services, but they also want to learn more about your brand, and have fun along the way. Facebook is a great way to engage people, but you can't just go in for the hard sell.

You ignore your customers:
The whole point of Facebook is that it gives you the chance to start a two-way conversation. To find out more about your customers, you have to listen to what they are saying. If you don't respond to comments, people will think you are ignoring them. Thank people individually for their opinions, and respond to as many comments as you can. Use open, friendly language, and avoid sounding like a corporate drone. Your followers want to feel as though they are talking to a human being, not a robot.

You post poor quality content:
It's important to post high-quality, relevant content on your Facebook page. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes by proof reading every post. Only post links to pages with content that meets your standards, and check carefully for any faulty videos or links in the pages you share. When you post a link to content on your page, you must make sure that you're happy it's suitable for your audience.

You don't have a complete profile:
It's important that every business puts complete information in its Facebook profile, and it's particularly important for small or family owned businesses. Give your customers your opening hours, your address, website, telephone number, email address, and add striking profile and cover photos. Make sure your cover photo conforms to Facebook rules too. For example, you can't put contact details or advertise customer promotions in your cover photo.

You bombard your fans with posts:
Your fans probably like a lot of other pages too, which means that they don't want you to bombard them with endless posts. You should post Facebook updates once or twice a week, and certainly no more than once a day, to give your followers a chance to read what you have said. It takes time to build a valuable, long-term relationship with your fans, and bombarding them with posts will just annoy people.

Your posts are too long:
It's important to assume that your fans and customers don't have much time, so short, snappy Facebook posts work best. If your customers need to click the 'read more' link in a post, then it's likely that there is too much text. If you want your customers to read a long article, post a brief description and add a link to a separate page.  

Your content is boring:
If you can't say something worthwhile, it's probably worth keeping quiet. Customers want to read interesting, informative content, and flat, repetitive or uninspiring posts aren't going to gain you a lot of followers.  Mix up your posts as much as possible. Use photos, videos, infographics and polls to communicate with your followers in different ways. Try not to post promotions and special offers too often. Restrict yourself to using only one in five posts to promote an offer to customers, and focus on other types of content for the remaining updates.

You fail to deal with customer complaints:
Your Facebook page will probably attract some customer complaints.  These complaints are a great opportunity to get feedback from the people who use your products and services, and they're also a good chance for you to show other followers how you treat your customers. Never ignore complaints. Acknowledge what your customer has said, and then find a way to resolve the complaint privately, away from your Facebook page. Avoid letting customers draw you into a debate, and never argue or disagree with people.

You don't post often enough:
It's bad to post too many updates, but it's just as bad not to post often enough. When people follow your page, they expect you to talk to them on an ongoing basis. You should aim to post an update at least twice a week, with daily comments, likes and shares, so your account is always active. It's important to remember that a successful brand is constantly evolving and updating, so you should always have something useful to say or talk about.

Facebook is now a great way to market your brand, but it isn't as easy to drive results as you may think. Lots of brands use Facebook, but many businesses make the same avoidable mistakes. Learn from the competition, and adapt your Facebook marketing strategy for success.

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