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Why Your Iowa Business Needs Search Engine Optimization:
search engine optimization, more commonly referred to by its abbreviation SEO, has become one of the most widely adopted forms of Internet marketing of the modern age. SEO is a part of the more extensive area of marketing known as search engine marketing which also includes sponsored advertising in search engine results and elsewhere on the Web. In spite of the rapidly growing social media industry and the fact that it is also an essential part of any Internet marketing campaign, it is important to remember that most people still visit a website for the first time after clicking on a link in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The object of SEO is to enhance your website and other online resources in such a way as to get on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines. The benefits of SEO are numerous, but this article takes a look at five of the most significant.

Highly Cost-Effective:
While paid listings are also available, SEO itself is extremely cost effective. In fact, SEO doesn't even have to cost anything if you plan to do the work yourself rather than hire a company. SEO is an inbound marketing strategy which works by targeting Web users directly by getting into the first page of the search results when someone enters a key word or phrase that you are targeting. A well-executed SEO campaign can target the right sort of visitors, potentially leading to more conversions. The core principles of SEO, revolving around the research and clever use of keywords and search engine-friendly Web content, cost absolutely nothing to deploy in themselves. By contrast, leads generated by outbound marketing strategies, while still highly effective for many businesses, are expensive and sometimes risky.

High Return on Investment:
Since SEO provides results which are easy to quantify and track, thanks to free services like Google Analytics, you will be able to accurately analyze your website's performance and keep on the right track in improving your search engine marketing strategy. Analytics allow you to keep track of where your website's visitors are coming from based on factors such as geographical location and engagement metrics, and you can use this invaluable information to ensure that your SEO campaign is always delivering its best possible return on investment. Whether you are operating an e-commerce website, seeking to generate leads or simply hoping to drive more traffic to a website which makes its money by way of advertising revenue, SEO provides you with the results that you need.

Increased Website Traffic:
As stated previously, most first-time visitors reach a website by clicking a result in the search engines, and the vast majority of Web users type a query into Google or another major search engine on a regular basis. In fact, Google is by far the most visited website on the Internet, so it shouldn't be difficult to recognize the benefit of having your website appear in the first results page. If you can get your website to appear in the first page of results when someone enters a relevant query, your website traffic should start to increase exponentially. The SERPs also display the meta titles and descriptions of every listed webpage, providing users with a short overview on what the webpage is about, and optimizing these can greatly improve your click-through rate.

Improved User Experience:
A website which is properly optimized for the search engines is also likely to provide a better user experience for your visitors as well as the search engine robots. Websites which make extensive use of complicated navigational features and unconventional Web-based programming such as Flash or Java are likely to cause problems for users as well as the search engines, so by deploying a user-friendly and straightforward website navigation system effectively allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Other than targeting the right keywords and integrating them into your content, SEO also covers the optimization of your website's infrastructure in order to make it faster and more accessible. It is also worth noting that a mobile-friendly website is both better for your visitors and the search engines alike.

Increased Brand Awareness:
A major part of the battle with any online marketing campaign is increasing brand awareness and instilling a sense of respect and trust in your organization. Even if not many people actually click on your links in the SERPs, they may still recognize your brand name, and this instils a sense of trust, particularly if your website consistently appears towards the top of the results page. The more your online content appears in the search results, the more exposure it will receive to the point that your brand comes a more widely recognized name on the Internet. Content marketers can take the potential to increase brand awareness even further by using tools such as the Google Authorship program, a platform allowing content providers to link all of their content together across multiple websites under one author.

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